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Handmade in our own workshop

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Chamber of Commerce: 14 11 63 37

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About Armbanden™ and

Bracelets has been around since 1999 officially registered in the Netherlands & Belgium and started with unique handmade 'bracelets'. With, among other things, engravable leather men's and women's bracelets and has grown into a traditional jewelry webshop in women's and men's bracelets. In our own studio become the jewelry tailored. To give each bracelet a unique look and feel, we specialize in designing your own bracelet. Your cool bracelet gift is always received uniquely through engraving and leather processing techniques. Our collection consists of more than 600 bracelets in stock with the latest trends and designs such as beads, wooden, robust rope, photo bracelets and stainless steel fingerprint bracelets.

Handmade jewelry since 1999 from our own workshop.

Various types of leather

All our 'genuine leather' comes from Matera, Italy. This makes it not only of the highest authentic quality, but also robust, sustainable and responsible. If you are looking for a bracelet with a different type of leather, let us know. We are happy to show you which leather straps are available.

Leather bracelets