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Delivered to your home within 1 day?!

arrived in the mailbox super quickly

Added the correct materials

With the supplied pipe, the heavy emotional job began and the axle was placed. This was easy and we are satisfied with this purchase.

Name is engraved a bit small

Could have been a little bigger, but it still looks very nice, I have to get my glasses to read it

Review your purchase of 2 x Fingerprint Bead Bracelet Set (Black + Cherry)

Beautifully made and great service.

Very satisfied

Product as expected, high quality.
Very nicely finished.
Very satisfied

Beautiful bracelet

I suffer less from my osteoarthritis. The supplied device to shorten the bracelet is not effective


I was helped very well
And they think along with you, great company
I definitely recommend this company

Beautiful horse bracelet

Very nice image of my horse on the bracelet 🥰🥰

Received quickly!

Ordered a gift for Christmas and received it within 1 day! !

Shaft placed between the link and the glue

Thanks for the advice to put the axle in the round stainless steel link 🥹

Wide stainless steel wooden bracelet

Very happy with the result.
Have a life motto engraved on the plate and the author's name on the back.
A beautiful personal bracelet with clear engraving.
Fast delivery and a quick response to questions.

All in all, very satisfied

very beautiful beads

very nice color palette in these beads^^

still delivered before Christmas!

thank you for the urgent handling and putting you at the front of the queue. (L)(L) engraving on the bracelet looks special

our beloved mother now with us

When we ordered 2 bracelets we received an explanation and pipette. We were able to make the bracelet ourselves to the right size and place the ash. not expensive for a memorial bracelet with our mother's name on it

Nice bracelet

Easy ordering process where it is easy to see what the options are. Delivered quickly, beautiful finish of the inscriptions. It's nice to be able to adjust the size yourself with the supplied set. In short: very satisfied


nice looking bracelet, the symbol to be placed was perfectly executed!

leather is super cool and strong@!!!

I had asked some questions in the chat and received a response by email stating that the leather is made of saddle leather, which also affects the horses and riders when riding.

thanks henry for refunding the 10%

A very beautiful accessory for both men and women of high quality.


Nice bracelet product. Very good quality and with an interesting price

thank you for the fast shipping

Not only is this bracelet of quality, but it also offers an extra look. Ideal for shining.

Lotte helped us

Good fit, good quality and a beautiful bracelet, what more could you want?

The bracelets are not just for women, I also found nice options for men

Very beautiful naturally made bracelet and also for a very affordable price

eye-catcher bracelet gets many compliments

This product is delivered quickly and is of top quality. We are satisfied customers.

bracelets add a personal touch to my outfits

This bracelet has a very cool look and fits with any outfit

excellent beaded bracelet with matte stone look

going to order more with the discount code :D