Own text and symbol Bracelet Braided leather

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Upload your own fingerprint for a unique engraving
Create your own personal bracelet with your fingerprint engraved on itOwn engraving of your fingerprint on the bracelet creates a unique look! In addition, you can determine the color of the leather yourself. So you can choose between one black, (light)drizzle or gray tint. In addition to these colors, you can also choose to go for, for example, a black, brown or cognac braided leather. You can also have your own text engraved on top or bottom of the jewellery.

Personalize your bracelet
Your own bracelet will only become more personal and unique when there is your own text above and below the bracelet. As an example, you can add the name and date of birth of the person whose fingerprint belongs to it. Also take it easy contact with oz for your questions or specific wishes. Wearing one memorial jewellery however, is something that is close to everyone's heart. You take a feeling and emotion with you in your daily unique bracelet. How to make a fingerprint can be found online at our site.

Premium quality leather from Italy
We only work with the best quality Italian leather. This leather is then cut by hand. In addition, all engraving is carried out in our own workshop. Our workshop is equipped with the best quality leather and engraving machines. These machines can therefore keep your fingerprint razor sharp engrave! We convert your fingerprint photo to a sharper engraving format (SVG).

Memorial jewelry like a bracelet is an emotional gift
Having an fingerprint bracelet is not only beautiful to the eye, but also has an emotional value. The fingerprint is made entirely by hand according to your wishes. This creates a unique bracelet that no one else has. Due to the emotional value of the bracelet, this bracelet is a beautiful gift to both give and receive to loved ones. You carry a feeling and emotion with you. A fingerprint bracelet is thus an emotional gift which one is much appreciated by the wearer or wearer!

Compose your own cool bracelet. Determine your text below and on top of the bracelet. Supplied with robust Italian leather. Precious metal clasp: 21mm. Leather width: 19mm. Leather thickness: 4mm. Braided dark brown leather.


Customer Reviews

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Audi R8
Ordered two bracelets for my daughters

Mom would have been very happy with this. The company's approach is more than admirable.

The ordering process went smoothly and adjusting the text and symbol was easy

The idea of ​​adding your own text and symbol to a bracelet appealed to me, because it offers the opportunity to wear something personal and unique.

Nisha Phull

Own text and symbol Bracelet Braided leather

Edwin van Vliet
unbeatable value for money

Not too big or too small balls on this bracelet, just right.

Angela Hendriksen
lightweight bracelets comfortable to wear

A sturdy bracelet and delivered very quickly. Definitely recommended

Patricia Willems
neatly packaged order in perfect condition

This is a super nice bracelet and the quality is excellent.

Lidwien Cornelis
Clean is happy 🍀

Happy son-in-law!

Jeroen de Groot
unique collection exactly what I was looking for!

Solid and beautiful quality, ideal for giving as a gift during Valentine's Day, for example.

Cindy de Wit
vintage look bracelet makes it extra special

A very nice product item and meets all requirements and wishes.

Danny Kusters
quick response customer service friendly and helpful

It is a quality bracelet and that is why I recommend everyone to buy this bracelet.