Magnet Bracelet - Flåm + own text engraving

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Are you looking for a bracelet that is not only beautiful, but also good for your health? Then our Magnet Bracelet - Flåm + your own text engraving is exactly what you're looking for! This beautiful bracelet consists of 99.9% copper and has many neodium magnets on the inside. These magnets have a grounding effect and reduce the harmful effects of radiation that is released, for example, from mobile telephones, computers and household appliances.

The outside of this bracelet is black and therefore looks very stylish. We also offer you the option to add your own text to the bracelet. This way you make the jewelry even more personal and unique!

The Magnet Bracelet - Flåm + own text engraving has a width of 15 mm and a length of 21.5 cm including metal adjustment set worth 7,95. The copper on the inside of the bracelet gives it a nice shine and makes the material clearly visible. 

In short, would you like a beautiful and healthy addition to your jewelry collection? Then choose our Magnet Bracelet - Flåm + your own text engraving!


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bronze color on the inner churn is very beautiful

thank you for your nice bracelets with magnets