Copper Viking bracelet - Woven brown leather

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Are you looking for a tough Viking bracelet that reflects your personality? Then we have the perfect bracelet for you! Our copper Viking bracelet with woven brown leather is exactly what you're looking for. The robust vintage leather gives the bracelet an authentic look, making it look like it comes straight from the era of the Vikings. 

This bracelet is not only stylish, but also very sturdy. With a leather thickness of no less than 8mm, this bracelet will certainly last a long time and can take a beating. Moreover, you can put together your ideal combination with this bracelet and give it your personal touch.

According to the Vikings, this bracelet brings you closer to Valhalla, the realm of Odin where heroes die daily in battle only to be taken to Valhalla by Odin's warrior maidens at night. By wearing this sturdy bracelet you are, as it were, connected to this mythical realm.

In short, our copper Viking bracelet with woven brown leather is not only a stylish accessory, but also a symbol of strength and courage. With this bracelet on your wrist you can handle anything!


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Luc Jansen
Beautiful piece of jewelry

Easy to customise